How Do I Buy A Cheap Flight In 2022? Step by Step

How Do I Buy A Cheap Flight In 2022? Step by Step

Introduction Of How Do I Buy A Cheap Flight In 2022? Step by Step

How Do I Buy A Cheap Flight In 2022? Step by Step. Start with this Blog And well, it’s a bit of a set when you’re going to buy a flight, especially when you’re not used to it, so the first big question they usually ask me is if it’s a good idea to buy them directly at the airport in agencies or maybe go to a website and here’s my.

The Airlines Can Offer The Same Flight With Different Prices

The first answer would be that I buy it on the internet. I have nothing against agencies. I know that sometimes having an advisor can be quite useful, however, I do not usually use these services much unless they are looking for something very specific that is difficult for me on the internet, so that is how I am going to teach you on this occasion focused on the direct purchase and not through agents the second very important point that you know and the reason why I buy it directly online is that.

I buy with airlines and that is that for those who do not know it, the airlines can offer the same flight with different prices it is in this way that yes I buy it online, I will find a price, but if you made the purchase, perhaps by telephone, it is another cost, while if I go directly to the airport or to one of the airline offices in the city where I live.

I will face a different cost and normally the cheapest is the one you find online while the most expensive is the one you buy directly at the airport and especially if you buy it the same day of the trip something not recommended because it may also be that they do not even find space but well beyond that it is much more expensive and that is the reason why I buy it online and with some anticipation now the next question that I have What they do is what airline I prefer to travel with for different routes and I always tell them.

Using The Flight Comparators Here

I don’t have a favourite airline and normally I usually go because of the cost regarding what I am going to need for that route and of course also other factors such as from which airport it leaves and the different schedules, saying this for me, the best way to find out which airline is going to go better with this route that.

I want to do is by using the flight comparators here it is very important not to confuse a comparator with an online travel agency and is that there are some websites like google Skyscanner flights that allow you to put a route and with these different providers will appear that already sell you this flight in some cases it is the airlines and in others the agency among the alternatives that they are going to put you but. You Can Also Read There Will Be Tourism In The Summer In Europe.

They do not sell you anything they simply redirect you to the official website so that you can make your purchase on the other hand if we are going to find websites like kiwi dotcom hit dotcom that yes they are going to be in charge of selling you the flight with some advantages or disadvantages however I already told you that here I am not going to talk about agencies.

Google Skyscanner Flights

I am going to focus on the most frequent way in which I buy and that is precisely buying directly with the airlines so in my case the first thing I do is go to google Skyscanner flights because I recommend that you use more than one comparator since not all of them work with the same airlines so suddenly they can find a route in one that they don’t appear on the other, in this case on the screen you are seeing.

How the google flights platform looks, which is very similar to if it were directly with the to the airline since it has the spaces to put from where you are going to where and the dates the only difference that you will find is that here at the moment of the results instead of only art appearing different schedules with the same company several airlines will appear.

For this flight, Viva Aerobús and Volaris appear to me as the main alternatives, but I also explored a little more. I will be able to see that there are also Aeroméxico flights. Very important data appears to me, such as the arrival departure times, the journey time, perhaps for a route. as simple as the ones I give you as an example are not very relevant but yes, perhaps.

The TIme Compared To A Direct Flight

I am talking about a trip to Europe if it may be that the scales double or even triple the time compared to a direct flight so considering this factor is important finally I the cost appears and now they have already added a little symbol where you mark yourself and it includes hand luggage or not even that, something m very relevant because if you know that you are not going to travel only with a personal item and you already know.

If you need luggage from the outset, you must compare against the airlines that effectively already include this cost, since if a flight includes it, it will be seen from the beginning as more expensive than the one that doesn’t, but when I add it up, the price I’m going to pay can be seen a lot and we have to pay attention to these details in case they have flexibility in their flight.

I would recommend that they go to the calendar in which they are going to be able to have a price graph with the trend of how the costs are at that moment and it is that if you have the freedom to buy it on one day or another, well, it is much better to choose the dates that are cheaper also very important here when they travel with low-cost airlines like Polaris and vivaaerobus.

They Quote The Round Flights

They don’t have to buy the round trip with the same airline there are times that you c It is convenient to go with one because their schedule is good and it is convenient for you to return with another one, it is something that I usually do on many occasions, so if they quote the round flights as I am showing them, but also if they want to save, they could also verify the route by route in this case.

We are going to choose this flight with volaris and the next step is going to be to choose where we want to buy it and that is that I already explained that unlike digital agencies we are not going to directly manage the purchase, the payment and the entire reservation We are going to carry it out with the company that we select and here my advice would be to go with the airline.

I know that on many occasions it is tempting because it seems cheaper with some agencies, however, due to the times we live in and to better manage and control the flight I prefer to buy it directly with the airline so that would be my advice so in this case, we see that there are several reservation alternatives but We are going to do it directly copulate if you do not know.

The Cost Of Our Flight Varies

If you are in a comparator or an agency where you will find out because when I click here it automatically redirects me to the official website of Polaris whereas if it were an agency it would redirect me now to their payment site but from the same company in this case if I went with Polaris well once I entered I see the price that appears to me they must check that the entry price looks much lower.

But it is because they are not including all charges is a very common tendency of airlines not to add all taxes at least here in Mexico and that means that when your purchase is finalized it will rise quite a bit at this time we will also detect that depending on the schedule it may be that the cost of our flight varies and here some very important advice is not to be dazzled by the cheapest ones.

Because many times they are in the pe different schedules or with the worst stopovers if applicable and simply at the time you choose you to have to select the type of fare you want and here it is also key that if you want to save with your flights carry only what you need and forget of him just in case and I have already shown you on this channel on more than one occasion.

What Their Flight Includes

That it is totally possible to travel only with a personal item and I have even done it for trips of up to 15 days even if those small backpacks do not believe it well optimized can be very useful but if you want to carry a little more nothing happens the important thing is that only what is necessary so that you do not end up paying much more and here at this time it is very important as.

I tell you to check exactly what each rate includes because this is a very common mistake of first-time travelers who write to me to ask me what their flight includes and it is simply because they did not pay attention to this point. shopping and here is one of my best travel tips, normally the packages put together by the airlines usually not only include more luggage but other benefits and in many cases, we do not need any of these benefits and we only want the suitcase so for example.

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