About Us

About Us


The Make It Better Foundation’s Mission is to identify and empower the work of outstanding nonprofits while creating a network of well-informed, dedicated philanthropists; social entrepreneurs; and sponsors. Effectiveness: The number of people served and lives improved are measured by program outcomes, the development of self-sufficiency and breaking the cycle of addiction;

Efficiency: emphasized by collaboration and cost-effectiveness;

Leadership: Focusing on full board participation, diversity, mission statement fulfilment, using calculated risks to overcome challenges and improve results;

Scalability: prioritizing the ability to raise funds independent of government funding commensurate with increased programs and services with the potential for duplication in another regional area;

Excellence: Committed to the best possible services delivered with integrity and transparency.


Our vision is to innovatively use all media’s potential to drive outstanding nonprofits’ growth while collaborating with a network of sponsors and partner organizations through modern philanthropic practices in similar communities across the country.

Best Destinations is a travel site dedicated to promoting culture and tourism in Europe EBD has been the most visited website dedicated to tourism in Europe for nine years now.

  • We are promoting more than 400 destinations in partnership with tourism offices by creating pages dedicated to European destinations.
  • We create travel guides.
  • We do thematic editorial rankings or based on votes from a traveller panel.
  • We hold public competitions three times a year: Best Destinations of the Year, Best Ski Resorts, and Best Christmas Markets.
  • They bring together millions of travellers who voted for their favourite destinations.