There Will Be Tourism In The Summer In Europe

There Will Be Tourism In The Summer In Europe

Introduction Of There Will Be Tourism In The Summer In Europe

There Will Be Tourism In The Summer In Europe. This summer there will be touring in Europe, however, not for everyone, since the trend that we have begun to see has to do with accepting those travellers who have already been vaccinated and completed their two doses if this applies, or only one and for, Of course, respecting the two weeks after being vaccinated to be able to start travelling, it is in this way that.

We Want To Travel To Europe In The Summer

If we want to travel to Europe in the summer I dedicate myself to bringing you practical information for your trips and of course all the updates on openings and closings in the world and it is in this way that you have asked me to inform you about how the situation was going in Europe but specifically in the European Union’ And well, here we have already begun to see several negotiations for a reopening in the summer.

First, they began to talk about the European health passport, which has been advancing. Starting and advancing in its elaboration, it is in this way that currently there are even the elements that would include it and considering that it is among other data, it is going to request the dose of vaccines, well, for those who meet this requirement, without a doubt, travel through the part of the.

European Union themselves and not those of foreign countries

European Union and the Schengen area will be much simpler and this is focused on the summer, however, we must consider that this passport is focused on being obtained by the members of the European Union themselves and not those of foreign countries, so those who tell me I’m D and where could I get that passport processed if I’m vaccinated well it’s not going to work that way this is a passport that your own country is going to give you and the only difference is that the. You Can Also Read Where Can You Travel In July 2022 – Countries open To Tourism.

European Union seeks to create one together to be able to have the same requirements and that in this way the member states function in the same way in summary what does this mean that those that are residents of the European Union and that they already have this vaccination passport where it is indicated that they have already completed their vaccination schedule and they will be able to start travelling freely between the states for the summer this information is not new.

Travellers Outside The Member Countries Of The European Union

What is new is that it is also expected to start receiving travellers outside the member countries of the European Union and within this, there is already talk of the USA this was reported by the president of the European Commission and basically what was declared to the new york times by the Americans from what I can see they use approved vaccines by the European medicine agency this will allow free movement and travel to the European Union more and more countries are beginning to receive travellers.

Who has completed their vaccination doses I have already brought you lists of the world where we can already find several countries that accept you without quarantine without PCR and in some cases of any nationality with the requirement that you be vac united, however, in the European union we only had some very specific cases such as Greece.

That a few days ago removed the quarantine from around thirty countries Iceland also that started this process Slovenia or Poland but with this, the big difference is that you could now travel freely among all the member countries of the European union so definitely travelling back to this part of the world as we knew it would be much easier now I know that many of those.

The Vaccines Accepted By The European Union

Who are watching this video are not Americans nor do they have a vaccination certificate in In the USA, however, this information is still relevant because we are increasingly finding this trend of agreements that occur between countries with citizens who are vaccinated, in fact in the habit, as I was saying, they talked about the vaccines accepted by the European Union, but in reality, each country will be able to create its bilateral agreements and accept the vaccines that it considers with which if suddenly you are from another.

Latin American countries received a Russian or Chinese vaccine you could still suddenly enter a country because they are going to create their lists I mention this because many are concerned that having received a vaccine that they do not It has been tested by the European Union, it may be that they cannot enter, but well, we will have to see little by little and also, as I say, although it is focused on Americans.

The idea will also be that other countries join, as has already happened with the case of Greece. which has already opened tourism without quarantine to thirty countries and not all of them are part of the European Union on screen they are seeing the vaccines that have already been approved by the European Union for those who want to verify if they meet the requirement but.

The List Of Countries That Already Accept Vaccinated People

How I say it may be that little by little these agreements are made and also that each country imposes its own list and as I know that many are interested If you are interested in knowing the list of countries that already accept vaccinated people, that is already available on my website. You are seeing some examples on the screen, but since the list is being updated a lot.

I recommend that you consult that link, which in turn is linked to websites. Officials so that they can verify any changes, I always leave all this in a highlighted comment in the description of the video so that they have complementary information and from official sources, as I tell you, I know that not all of them are from the United States, not all of them already meet this requirement, but without a doubt.

It gives us a good idea of what the reopening is going to be like, that the b ginning will be focused on people who have completed the vaccination, I know that the other question is coming, if I do ot plan to vaccinate myself then I will not be able o travel and well at this time it would be It is impossible to know, however, this first stage of tourist reactivation that we are having to see if it is focused on those who have been vaccinated. nate and in some cases those who belong to certain nations.

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