What The Airlines Do NOT Want You To Know For Travel

What The Airlines Do NOT Want You To Know For Travel

Introduction Of What The Airlines Do NOT Want You To Know For Travel

What The Airlines Do NOT Want You To Know For Travel. The issue of luggage, they usually play a lot with these types of packages, offering you from less to more and baggage and many are only based precisely on the baggage allowance to see what rate would suit them best and this would be a mistake and especially when they are going to travel as a couple or as a family and they do not require.

Go For The Cheapest Airline Fare

So many suitcases and for example, if I am going to travel With my partner, it may be convenient for us to go for the cheapest airline fare, even the one that does not even include hand luggage and only the famous personal item, but when we are processing our purchase, we can perhaps add a checked bag that we can share and that it will be much cheaper than if we both had expanded our package and this applies many times.

When you can share luggage with the person you are travelling or even in the case of families and it is really common for them to get closer to me to some families to say that they want to edit their packages and reduce luggage because they may be travelling with minors and they do not require They take away all the luggage so in this case, you can no longer go back to remove things and get money back.

What they could have done is from the beginning to go with the basic rates as I tell you and only add the carry-on or checked luggage that they required Another thing that the airlines do not want you to know is that you can not pay for your choice of seat and on many occasions travel with the people who go in the same group but well.

How To Eliminate The Seat Many Airlines In The Purchase Process

Let’s start with the issue that it is not necessary to pay and I say this because many times in the purchase process it is very misleading or very hidden how to eliminate the seat many airlines in the purchase process automatically preselect a seat for you and this has a cost however if you look for the little tab to reject the choice of the seat and that you they assign it freely.

There you can save this expense for me who travelled alone it is not necessary to pay it I do not care where I am and I do not need him with anyone, so this ends up being the best option and if I have to travel with someone I normally continue to give up this service and only before my flight do I go to the counter to ask if it is possible to go together with the people. You Can Also Read How Much Do I Need To Save For My Trip? Step-by-step Travel Quotes.

Who I am travelling on many occasions it will be possible obviously since you do not pay you to run the risk of not being able to so I would not recommend this for example to parents who travel by very small children who get scared on the plane I think it is not it’s convenient to separate them from you but for example in my case when I travel with my mother.

Where We Are Assigned The Seats

I no longer need to go with her so it doesn’t matter where we are assigned the seats but if we can change them to go together then much better also in case of that you have given up the choice of seat and maybe they assign you an aisle and you wanted a window, normally what I do is arrive just as early, make my line at check-in and p Ask them if there is a possibility.

That they will return a window to me and if there is space, they normally change it for me without any problem and as I say without cost, so that is the trick, although as I told them, if they want to ensure they do not take risks, it is better to pay me within this same subject many do not know that suddenly you can pay for your flights separately and in any case travel with a person and it is exactly doing as.

I just told you and again I will give you the example on a trip I came from Europe but I was going to meet my mom in Orlando while she had already bought the round trip from Mexico Orlando Mexico so since I only had one of the routes we couldn’t buy together what I did was buy the same round trip with her and since we were assigned the same flight again to time to do it and we got to the counter.

The Insurance Offered By The Airlines

We said that we had bought them separately but we were travelling together and that if they could seat us together and so on Without any problem, another thing that many do not know is that the insurance offered by the airlines is often not the one that is useful for travel and I am not even talking about today where countries are very strict in the policies that they request from us. time of admission but sometimes.

They don’t even cover you in case you decide to cancel your trip’ for some necessary reason and the truth is that the policies offered by airlines are usually very cheap, in fact low-cost airlines offer some for you, yes more, but for the same reason the coverage is not enough for real emergencies, so do not go with it, it is simply to give you the insurance and believe.

That your flight is already insured or even your entire trip, always check the policy beforehand and at this point too It would be very important for them to check that they no longer have another policy that covers the same as this extra that they are buying with the airline. And it is that I give you the example of credit cards, some already include your travel insurance as long as you buy your flights with them.

Who Serve Them One More Thing The Airlines

So perhaps double protection would not be worth it there and the same when you buy your travel insurance with some good company again in this case because it would not apply to buy second insurance and you already know that for those who need insurance I have one available on my website with a 20% discount so.

I leave it there for those who serve them one more thing the airlines don’t want you to know is that you can pretty much decline any charge that comes up during your checkout process – taxes and tua la tua is the airport usage fee we’ve been paying for a long time but that has now become more evident because they have broken it down into costs.

Airlines Offer A Flight Cost That Is Not Adding To It

It is in this way that sometimes airlines offer a flight cost that is not adding to it and it seems that you are going to pay very little that the promotion is very good but well, in the end, you have to so this is one of the expenses that you cannot avoid the most that happens in some airlines like live aerobús is that they allow you pay it until the day of your trip, but other than that, you have to end up paying it, and for those.

Who has told me that this is a very Mexican issue that I shouldn’t deal with so much anyway, it’s important that they know that these rates of airport use exist in many countries around the world so it is important to always check and well beyond the airport use fee some taxes will always be included when buying our flights and we cannot reject these taxes either but?

Yes, we c? n reject during the process of our purchase many things that are going to appear and that we do not need and that is that I already told you about travel insurance in general but Also, many times during our purchase process, other services are pre-selected, other types of insurance, for example, for cancellation that you may not require or that it is not worth paying for flights.

The Airlines Do Not Want You To Know

That is sometimes not expensive, so they must know that they can go rejecting practically everything and that precisely between the marketing strategy of making you buy more this preselection art many of the things but it simply consists of avoiding and eliminating that service that was not mandatory and finally something else.

That the airlines do not want you to know is that it is worth a lot From which terminal are you going to leave and we already know that there are airports in the world that have several terminals or some cities that have several airports and suddenly we do not give much importance to which one we are going to arrive or leave from, so maybe we are looking for paris and well we can find an airport.

That looks a little out of the way but the flights are very cheap and leave with the idea that it is the best, but when we arrive and see the cost of transportation to actually get to paris as well as the time we are going to lose, italian ends up being so worth it and well this also happens with the terminals there are terminals.

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