Traveling with pets: 5 things to forget

You probably have a list of things to remember, steps to take, and plans to make for the best trip possible with your pet. But you should leave some things at home. Here are a few things you shouldn’t forget when traveling with your pet that will make your trip go more smoothly and quickly.

1 time. When you travel with pets, it takes longer and takes turns you didn’t expect. In fact, forgetting the time is the same as giving up being impatient. Don’t rush if you’re in a hurry. Your pets need to stop more often than you do, and they will often make you wait in ways you didn’t expect. If you plan to leave early and get there late, you’ll get there on time.

2. Anger/Frustrated. Accidents and delays are bad enough without getting angry or upset about them. Your feelings can add stress to the trip for you and your pet that isn’t necessary. Stop and take a deep breath if you feel too much. Your pet doesn’t have much control over his feelings, bowel movements, or motion sickness when you take him on a trip. Remember to be kind and understanding at all times, but especially when you’re stressed.

3. Work. Even though it might seem simple, when you travel, you should let go of your work ethic. Traveling is neither a task to be done nor a chore. If you have the right attitude, you and your pet can have a fun and memorable time on the road.

4. Control. Having to deal with the unexpected is part of what makes traveling with pets so much fun. You can’t control everything, and trying to do so will just make you angry and frustrated (see point 2). Knowing that things can happen that you can’t stop can give you and your pet a lot of peace of mind. Confusion ensues, an accident occurs. Once you accept this, it will be easier to travel with your pet.

5. Finally, forget about yourself. When traveling with pets, you often have to be very selfless. Your pets depend on you to meet their needs, and sometimes that means you have to put them ahead of your own. Leave your own goals behind when you travel with your pet. When traveling is hard and stressful, they need your care and attention more than anything else.

Traveling with pets can be fun and will be if you don’t bring these 5 things. It can be hard to deal with sometimes, but as long as you can, you and your pet will have a great trip.

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