To Which Countries Can I Travel In June 2022

To Which Countries Can I Travel In June 2022

Introduction Of To Which Countries Can I Travel In June 2022

To Which Countries Can I Travel In June 2022. May is coming to an end, so it’s time to count which countries are expected to be open by June 2022. let’s start with the outlook for June 2022 in America there is a list of countries that have been permanently or almost permanently closed since the pandemic began here of course we find Canada.


That there are still no plans to receive travellers and that even until June the suspension of flights with Mexico and the Caribbean passed even though it is in principle going to end in April well it has already been extended to May and some airlines even said June so with this not even essential trips would be an alternative if we don’t find many access routes also another country.

That remain closed are chile Uruguay French Guyana and Suriname and I’m talking about these in tourist terms of course that suddenly there are possibilities since some countries come to let people in but they would be the most closed in the region on the other hand also to Argentina not only Although it is quite closed to many countries, it has also suspended flights with countries such as Mexico.

United States

The United States has maintained the same situation since January, that is, travellers who want to enter from the list of permitted countries, which would practically be all of America – Brazil, can do so as long as present an antigen or PSR test, they must consider that this requirement has not been eliminated, even for those who have already completed their vaccination doses.

May now, although there is already talk of a reopening between Europe and the USA, the countries that belong to the Schengen area of the European Union, as well as others such as Ireland or the United Kingdom, remain on the list from which you can not travel to the USA, so good this is important to consider if it is expected that at any time there may be a change, especially taking into account the decisions of the European Union.

The Dominican republic

That if it is already thinking about reopening the USA but for now we still have to wait for it to be able to travel now going in the opposite direction between the most reopened countries on the continent we are going to find Mexico to costa Rica the Dominican republic that still does not ask for PCR tests or antigens to enter are re-open to everyone and neither is the. You Can Also Read How Do I Pack My Electronics Packing Guide For Travel.

Vaccine is an entry requirement nor does it have to be quarantined and well this is a trend that is already taking place Maintaining for several months at an intermediate point, we are going to find a list of countries that are allowed to enter but that suddenly, depending on the nationality from which you are travelling, they may ask you for quarantine or PCR and, well, here.

We are going to find countries like Peru that reopened but still maintain a few days of quarantine while that is how the second test is already when entering the pa ís and other countries where proof must be presented, such as Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Colombia Ecuador brazil Paraguay Guyana bolivia Haiti Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia and saint vincent.

Open To Tourism In Countries like Panama and Cuba

The grenadines well this would be a list of countries much more open to tourism in countries like Panama and Cuba – They will also learn a lot about the income requirements depending on where you are flying from, it is in this way that, for example, if you travelled to Panama from Mexico, I do not have to quarantine, but if I do it from Colombia, then I would have to continue with Europe, the continent.

Where we will see more changes during June and it is that is made up of the Schengen area by the European Union that already includes twenty-odd countries, any measure that is taken can have repercussions on many of these, however, we must be very careful when we talk about reopening and well I will start by saying that the open countries are expected to remain.

So and good or within these we could find Albania north Macedonia Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia and one of those that are already more open to travellers from many parts of the world is Romanian another country that has been reopened for a long time is turkey one of those that have recently joined to this list we could find Iceland and the united kingdom- in these two cases it could be said that.


They are partially reopened since depending on where you travel from, you will have to quarantine or not in addition to the tests and well, especially in the case of the united kingdom- it is ten countries are the only ones that are on your list of accepted countries and from here we are not going to find any from Latin America’, so.

If we want to enter and our country is on the amber list, as would be the case with Mexico, we would have to arrive and quarantine so it does not end up being a tourist option as such for many but at least travel is now allowed Russia has also started with an r reopening a series of countries with which it already allows flights but here we do not find any from America entering the case of the European union.

We can find that even though the European commission is going to give a series of recommendations for the tourist reopening of the countries, In the end, each member country is going to decide what it thinks is best for its nation. In this way, for example, Malta has been receiving travellers from countries it considers safe for a long time, and it has nothing to do with nationality, but rather with having travelled and having been 14 days before your trip to malta in some of the countries that.


They consider allowed is in this way that there was a country that mentioned to them that you could travel from because perhaps as a Mexican I could spend two weeks to the united Arab emirates- and take a flight from Dubai to malta since the emirates are on the list of permitted countries although Mexico is not but.

I have already complied with the r rule of the tourist corridor in the same way it grew, it decided to reopen a series of countries that is considered safe and it is in this way that passengers from the US can now also start travelling and well, the most recent case and perhaps the most anticipated reopening in June is about from that of Spain where it has already been opened to countries around.

The world but here that reopening is focused on the vaccinated if you are not vaccinated you will have to wait until your country is on the list of safe countries to travel where it is already possible to start travelling from countries like Japan or the united kingdom that are there but from America we are not going to find any at the moment and that is the reason.

Why unless you are vaccinated and with one of the accepted doses that have to be approved by the who or by the European medicine agency good now and you could meet the requirement but if it is not your case we will still have to wait in applications where we do not find many changes Many of the countries have been reopened for a long time and only the entry requirements.


Which in most consist of a PCR, depending on your nationality. In some cases, quarantines will have to be added, but well, it is already possible to travel from many countries in the world. To places like Egypt or South Africa, in the case of Morocco, it is restricted from some countries, but for example, from Mexico, you could travel as long as you meet the requirements.

That there you already have to have an invitation letter that you can process with the same hotel or If someone as such, the government is inviting you from some company for other work issues, but well, if it is already possible to travel, although well, if there are some restrictions and requirements that are much stricter than what it was like to travel before the pandemic, the count continues towards.

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