Reopening Dates In Europe For Travel Covid Is Over Now

Reopening Dates In Europe For Travel Covid Is Over Now

Introduction Of Reopening Dates In Europe For Travel Covid Is Over Now

Reopening Dates In Europe For Travel Covid Is Over Now. how is the issue of reopening in Europe in recent days many news have been published with tentative dates from different countries news for your trips and several had asked me to inform you about this wave of news of possible reopening in Europe, especially for June but well here we go with all the information and I start by telling you?

The European Union Had The Idea Of Reopening Jointly

that at least all the countries that are part of the European Union had had the idea of reopening jointly, however, this has been complicated due to t the pressures of some countries that depend much more on tourism thothersers, as well as the development of the Pande ic, it is in this way that some alrea y are very interested in opening and others prefer to wait a little longer and in this way.

Some have already decided to launch their own The dates of reopening as well as its procedures are in this way that all the information that the European Commission makes public and can be found online at point Europa.EU if it can be useful, however, it will only be indicative and this starts from the list of countries.

They consider it safe since, as I say, each country has decided to follow its path, so they should not be based solely on this information, but rather check specifically which country they want to travel to so that they do not have any problems and always check also from their nationality and place of residence as soon as a joint reopening date in the European Union will not exist and even less so in the entire continent, and we consider that.

European Union Despite Being Members

Some countries have remained practically open to tourism all the time, while others have already announced their dates even in advance to the European Union despite being members one of the most notable cases is Greece that already co It begins to receive travellers even outside the European Union and without quarantine.

When from places like the United States, Israel or the United Arab Emirates, so that is why it is also very important to consider that there will not be a single date that each country can have its different nations and how they choose these countries which they are going to reopen, well basically all the countries are using a colour scheme where they classify them from very risky to a little risky and on that is. You Can Also Read Invitation Letter And Requirements To Travel To Mexico.

Whether you can enter or not and with what requirements here the European Union I had also proposed a list of safe countries that throughout the last year has been modified mainly to reduce but well, not all countries are using some and others not, so that is why I tell you that it is important to verify and not leave anything else with these names and finally if the famous digital green certificate is expected to be a document.

The European Health Passport

That allows travel to be reactivated It is in a much safer way for those who do not know what I am talking about, it is the European health passport, which would be a document that allows travel to be speeded up, however, I say speed up because it is not about allowing or prohibiting, however, it would be a document that you can present where your medical history comes specifically from this disease as well as.

The tests that you have done if you have already had the disease or if you are vaccinated and based on that it may or may not be accepted more easily in other countries sometimes when I have mentioned these Several people get confused because then they believe that having this certificate means that you are vaccinated and not, as I am explaining, it also includes.

If you have already had the disease or if you have already had tests done in the time necessary to be able to enter another country, so simply if there is a document that you present to expedite but there is not a travel document and that is why officially It would not be a health passport, but that is how it is popularly known. It is expected to be used in June and it will be a document for residents of member countries of the European.

Who Is Outside The European Union

Union and not for those of us who are outside, since each country would give it and this would already serve for mobility in a more agile way as I say but it is not something that in principle anyone who is outside the European Union would have to process and each country will have its methods to demonstrate that someone is vaccinated than did you have the disease or not and about that you have to see.

What bilateral agreements there are to allow entry with those documents from your country but this health passport in principle would be for Europeans having said that let’s start with a recount of some of the most popular countries of europe and what are its travel conditions or possible reopening dates and start with albania a country that has been open for more than a year.

I continue with germany that e s a country that is not in conditions of travel and where they are quite restricted and where we do not have a clear reopening date austria is another country that is not in conditions of travel that only accepts countries considered safe by the european commission as well as those members of the European Union, however, it is expected that all this will change and that at least.

Present A PCR Upon Admission

The quarantine will be eliminated by May 19, there is also talk that they will already give their list of permitted or risk countries from which you can travel or not. that if you are thinking of travelling to Austria you have to wait until it is ready to Bosnia Herzegovina it is possible to travel however you have to present a PCR upon admission.

But the countries reopened to the world are considered on the other hand in bulgaria currently you have to present a negative pcr or put yourself quarantined for 10 days and in fact travel is already allowed from 87 countries, among which we can already find the US, Canada or Uruguay, but for example plo mexico is not on this list as of may 10 cyprus accepts travellers.

Who have been vaccinated from 65 countries including canada and the usa and if your country is not on those or you are not vaccinated cyprus continues with its public list of countries classified in green orange and red and on that you could see what the entry requirements would be depending on where you travel now very important this list for example of allowed countries as well as.

The others that I am mentioning can be found in my website which is munduko dotcom, there I recount these videos and of course they have links to official websites so that you can check this list and find out if your country is on it or not. I also don’t normally post these lists here because they can be very changing most countries review them weekly or they can change them from one day to the next and that is the reason.

Countries Outside The European Union

Why it is easier to verify directly at the source Denmark allows entry from very few countries without quarantine here we will only find nations like Singapore Australia new Zealand south Korea Thailand and Israel when we talk about countries outside the European union however a reopening is expected for many more countries for June 26 from May 17 Scotland will also work with a list of countries classified by different colours.

Where those who are considered safe can begin to enter this country without the need for quarantine and with much simpler requirements You can see the first list on the screen, but the idea is that it will be expanded because it will be reviewed every four weeks. Spain came out of a state of emergency on May 9 and this information confused many travellers.

Who felt that it would automatically reopen to travel internationally and it is not like that even within Spain we still find curfews and some restrictions depending on each community to which you plan to travel and the country will not currently be open to all countries in the world if a reopening is expected from June if it has already been announced in fact by the secretary of state for tourism of that country declared.

That Spain will be ready in June to tell all travelers in the world that they can visit us with certainty this was a statement made a few days ago it encouraged many travelers but you have to be careful because it could also depend on this famous list of colors with what Which may open many countries but not to all Finland has entry restrictions until at least May 25.

The European Commission

However, if it respects it is the list proposed by the European Commission with which from some nations you can travel without the need for quarantines as of may 19 we will find many more relaxations in the restrictions in France but he does not want to say either go that it is already an international reopening in fact if it was announced that the country is expected to reopen in June.

But a similar case in Spain where even though there is talk of an international reopening it may be that they include all the countries so also You have to be very careful before planning a trip to this country. A few days ago, Greece removed the quarantine from travellers from several countries, all of which included the European Union, but also some outside, such as the USA or the United Kingdom.

However, a reopening to more countries as of may 14 so you have to be aware of the news to find out which countries can be included holland remains with the notice not to travel to the country only people travelling from the European Union can enter and some exceptions if it is allowed to transit through your airport as long as you do not leave the international area but travelling to the Netherlands at the moment is not an alternative where we already see a reopening is in England.

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