New 2022 Travel Tips And Tricks To Manage Hotel Room

New 2022 Travel Tips And Tricks To Manage Hotel Room

Introduction Of New 2022 Travel Tips And Tricks To Manage Hotel Room

New 2022 Travel Tips And Tricks To Manage Hotel Room. You’re going to learn the best travel tip for a hotel room the number one hotel tip is to use the pants coat hanger in the closet of your hotel room to keep the curtains closed so that in the morning of your vacation that bright sunshiny wonderful vacation light is not going to wake you up on the first or second or third day.

1- Use The Pants Coat Hanger In The Closet

Once you finally sleep in the morning the second travel tip is if there is a fire or a lot of smoke in the hallway of your hotel room to point your shoes the night before in the direction of the closest stairwell so that you can exit quickly in the middle of the night you’re not thinking straight that’s a quick tip to help you if you stain any of your vacation outfits one tip is to use the coffee pot in your hotel room to boil.

Use The Pants Coat Hanger In The Closet

2- The Hallway Of Your Hotel Room

Some water and just pour over the stain I know it works with kool-aid there are also tide sink packets that have enough liquid in them to wash in your hotel sink for about three or four shirts and they’re easy to pack in that liquids bag if your hotel does not have a sink then you can use a gallon bag that you’ve packed in your carry-on suitcase some other travel tips in a hotel room are to use.

What there is available in the hotel room one travel tip is to use the paper coffee cup as a makeup brush holder you can also just use the washcloth laid out like my cleaning lady did in las vegas this summer look how organized they are I need to take some tips from my hotel cleaning lady on how to organize my bathroom stuff that is just beautiful to look at you can also use that paper cup in a hotel room as a toothbrush stand holder.

3- Use The Ironing Board

So that your toothbrush if it’s the classic kind does not lay on the bathroom counter to pick up germs just poke a hole in the bottom of that cup another travel tip with the hotel amenities is to use the ironing board in the hotel room for a craft table for your dinner table even as an extension of your bathroom countertop especially if you have lots of girls in your hotel.

But a travel tip is to remember that other people are going to be using that ironing board to iron white clothing so please put a hotel hand towel on the ironing board to protect it from stains from your makeup amazon does make this folding countertop extension that will fit over your sink if you need more counter space packs her placemat for her toiletries inside a hotel room.

4- Pack Post-It Notes In A Little Baggie

That works for her the next travel tip is to pack post-it notes in a little baggie so that you can cover up the light of the clock in the hotel room and also remember to check the time to make sure it’s correct and that no alarms are set and then also to cover up the microwave light in your hotel room and you can also cover up the peephole. You Can Also Read New International Travelling Tips And Tricks You Should Must Know In 2022.

If that bothers you your hair clips can be used to cover up the razor blade of your razor when we travel to a new city we want to know the authentic local food so our travel tip is to ask the hotel staff where the best off the beaten path restaurants are right when you get there a couple of years ago I asked the hotel staff here in spring texas.

5- What The Most Forgotten Items

What the most forgotten items were most travellers have forgotten phone chargers and electric toothbrushes a travel tip to help you not forget those essential items for travel is to use a bright piece of fabric just a scrap piece of fabric or to use a valet tray they come in several colours you can also use the lid of the cup you can even pack a peanut butter lid they’re bright and in a new container.

They’re not dirty yet another item that I forgot to get so I left it in Los Angeles was a pillowcase that I had packed it was a silk pillowcase and that helps you not have wrinkles, especially after that first day where you don’t get that much sleep but it also is a way to help your pillow smell like home a tip that.

You can pack your clothes in it and roll it up as tightly as you can and use it as a packing cube inside your carry-on suitcase another travel tip for the aeroplane is to use that pillowcase full of clothes as a pillow on the tray table that one was for free now let’s get back to hotel tips another travel tip is to pack a little dryer sheet it’s going to help freshen up your hotel drawers.

6- A Travel Tip Is To Use The Do Not Disturb Sign

If you pack with compression cubes let me know if you unpack your clothes from the cubes when you put them in your hotel drawers or if you leave them in the compression cubes as a way of organising a travel tip is to use the do not disturb sign as if you were inside the room and therefore if someone’s trying to steal something from your hotel room they’ll pass by because that sign makes the criminal think.

When you are in the hotel room you can also pack a little rubber door stop you can buy them easily on amazon like this one it looks thin enough to go under the hotel room door but you can also pack your own I have bought that real heavy door lock system and it is just too heavy so I returned it last year a lot of hotel rooms are using the key card thing to keep the electricity and air conditioning flowing.

So a travel tip is to pack your old blockbuster card or an old library card to use while you’re gone during the day in case that way your hotel room won’t be all stuffy and warm to help you travel the globe without a worry in the world.

7- Only Pack Half Of Your Shampoo In Your Container

So make sure you watch that in the I cards or the description box after this video if you are travelling internationally or for a long period one travel tip is to only pack half of your shampoo in your container and then mix it with some of the hotel shampoos to make it last longer.

So you don’t have to pack as many containers of liquid in that liquids bag I’ve also used a lush shampoo bar which is great a travel tip is to use the carrot peeler to peel off some shavings of it and pack it in a little baggie instead of having containers of shampoo in your liquids bag one travel tip is to flush the toilet right when you get into your hotel room so that you find out sooner than later.

If it does not work you know that I love packing clothes in compression packing cubes because it allows more space in your suitcase another travel tip is to use your child’s soft-sided lunch box as a packing cube in my new tote bag I packed in the little insulated cooler that comes with it this tote bag is mainly for airline crews because it has that cooler that they can pack as well or pack shoes under.

8- The Travel Tip Of Using Contact Containers For Liquids

There and they have easy access to it and don’t have to open up or search in the bottom of the bag to find their essentials I do have a discount code for that that I will link below I also have a discount code for this new carry-on suitcase that I love because finally I have found one that has the outer pocket and its hard shell and it’s only 21 inches.

But I could pack the same amount of clothing and essentials in that one as I did in my 22 inches I know some airlines especially international ones are becoming so strict as to what size bags you can bring I absolutely love the blue interior but here’s a travel tip before you are travelling to act as if you’re in a hurry with your item bag and your carry-on suitcase run to get it to throw it over your shoulder throw it over.

The suitcase handles of the trolley strap to make sure that your bag easily fits over those suitcase handles or if it takes if it’s not wide enough know before you go you can soak cotton balls with your makeup remover and put those in a baggie before you travel to a hotel room they will last a few days and they do not count as liquids you all know the travel tip of using contact containers for liquids like moisturizer and things like that.

You can also cut off a piece of a baggie and put it over your shampoo container to help it not leak I only recommend using the go tube shampoo containers or liquid containers they are fantastic they have a double lock system so I just would not buy the off brand on that I learned from experience as well for your next vacation if you get to stay in several different hotel rooms this travel.

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