New 2022 Most Important Hearing Aid Travel Tips

New 2022 Most Important Hearing Aid Travel Tips

Introduction Of New 2022 Most Important Hearing Aid Travel Tips

New 2022 Most Important Hearing Aid Travel Tips. Who wears hearing aids if you have a hearing impairment this video is going to help you travel more confidently knowing what not to do with your hearing aids I will teach you some packing tips travel tips hints for airport security tips for inside the aeroplane and for when you are on your vacation.

1- The Hearing Impaired Section

I am a Houston pilot wife and I do wear hearing aids I share tips to help you travel the globe without a worry in the world travel tip number one is when you buy your airline ticket check the hearing impaired section even if it’s not a huge issue for you something.

That you’re worried about it will help them know that you need to choose an aisle seat or sit near the front of those seats are still available I do think that most of them will charge you more to sit up there but if you do need to read lips that travel tip will help this video is sponsored by resounding hearing aids I have worn theirs for almost six years I’ve worn the battery con that.

2- Pack Your Hearing Aid Batteries In A Case

You put batteries in and I’ve now had the rechargeable ones I hope to free up your mind and free up this world of worry for you if you are travelling with hearing aids travel tip number two is to pack your hearing aid batteries in a case that is in one of your item bags two reasons to carry your supplies in your personal item bag number one is that if you wear.

The hearing aids that you put batteries into having those supplies in your item bag will help them not get lost if they are in your checked luggage or if the overhead bins are full and your carry-on suitcase does not have room to fit and the flight attendant or the gate agent says I’m sorry we’ve got to put that in the belly of the aeroplane you know.

That your essential hearing aid supplies are in your item bag and then tip number two is that the transportation security administration does not allow the rechargeable battery case to be packed in your checked luggage it has to be packed in the personal item bag or carry-on suitcase because it has a lithium battery in it this is my tech organizer and it can roll up and I would pack your rechargeable case. You Can Also Read New 20 Best Summer Vacations Outfits In 2022.

Some kind of tech organizer or pouch that’s easily accessible and you can also pack your cords in there or you can have a designated pouch just for hearing aid supplies one thing that I found that I love is this hearing aid case that is large enough for large fingers to fit into like to get your supplies and if you’ve got mobility issues.

Fit Your Fingers In To Get To Your Hearing Aid Supplies

This case will help you to easily be able to fit your fingers in to get to your hearing aid supplies the first case I had was super small so I was excited to share that with you and this family-run company it’s not sponsored they know what they’re talking about this next travel tip is for airport security and that is that you do not have to take out your hearing aids or put them in the grey bin to go through airport screening.

They stay on your ears throughout the whole process of travelling and if you wear a mask in the aeroplane in the airport or a foreign country do not wear earrings while you were travelling just in the aeroplane and in the airport because you already know since you wear hearing aids that sometimes when you take off your mask you lose that hearing aid.

Because it gets tangled up well if you adhere earrings to it it’s going to get tangled up even more and you might feel the earring get lost but you might not recognize that your hearing aid is falling out so let’s protect those things and keep them on our body when I contacted my audiologist about this video I asked her what are some fears or worries that you hear of from passengers.

Who Wear Hearing Aids

Who wear hearing aids and she said that a lot of people do not know that you do not have to put your hearing aids in flight mode like a lot of hearing aids now are controlled by your app and your phone and you do not have to put the hearing aids in flight mode and just so you know if you are listening to something on your phone in the aeroplane because it’s Bluetooth.

You will still be able to hear it even if your phone is in aeroplane mode the next tip is to not avoid going to shows or crowded areas while you’re on vacation wearing your hearing aids if your hearing aids can be controlled with your phone like my resound ones you can control the noise you can filter out the noise you can filter background noise you can speech focus in a restaurant.

So when you go on a cruise ship you can go to that show you can sit around the large table on the cruise ship and hear everyone because you have access or capability in that app to help yourself it’s so less frustrating my audiologist’s office is about 10 minutes away so when I did have questions about tweaking a little like the phone program in my cell phone talking to someone on the phone.

Frustrated But Scared To Try Hearing Aids

I was able to ask her but I’ve also emailed her several questions right when I was getting started and they’re so helpful to remember if you do need to take a hearing test you can take a hearing test completely privately on the computer so if you know someone who is just so frustrated but scared to try hearing aids they can take that test on the computer for free.

I get nothing from it if you take that online test just so you know the next travel tip is for your hearing aids in the aeroplane if you think about how you watch entertainment inside an aeroplane some of the aeroplanes still use the seat back in front of you and actual uh headphones but if if you cannot listen to a show through headphones.

How here’s how you download shows from Netflix so that you can watch them up in the air inside the aeroplane you’re going to open up Netflix you’re going to choose the show that you want to watch or the movie then you would scroll to see which season you want to watch then you’re going to click on that season and it’s going to show all of the titles when you’re ready to download them about 24 or 36 hours then.

Helpful To You As A Hearing Aid Wearer

When you’re on your way up in the air again for your vacation you can then open up Netflix on your home screen see the bottom right corner where it will say downloads and you tap that and then you’re able to watch when you’re up in the air in the aeroplane your phone will be able to watch those shows that you’ve downloaded onto your phone even if it is in aeroplane mode.

I just learned that travel tip last year the next travel tip is for any passenger but especially if you are hearing impaired you want to get to know your airline’s app that you’ll be flying on because two things are so helpful to you as a hearing aid wearer if by chance you do not hear the gate agent or in my case if two gate agents have been talking on the microphone at the same time.

When you’re ready to board if they announce that oh flight to Chicago is now 20 gates down that way in gate two and you didn’t hear it your app is going to be the one you can trust app will alert you to the new parking spot for your aeroplane another reason is inside the aeroplane if you cannot hear.

The flight attendant say your checked bags will be at carousel number five did he say five or nine I don’t know you can look at your app because it has your flight information in the airline’s app and I’ve already mentioned that having the airlines app is how you are going to watch their entertainment system.

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