How To Pack Your Carry Suitcase Tips And Tricks In 2022

How To Pack Your Carry Suitcase Tips And Tricks In 2022

Introduction Of How To Pack Your Carry Suitcase Tips And Tricks In 2022

How To Pack Your Carry Suitcase Tips And Tricks In 2022. There is an easier way to pack and carry on suitcase for a trip I’m going to show you travel tips to help you pack those outfits in your bag with these easier steps the first easier way to pack a carry-on bag is to lay out your outfits like I did I laid out my airport outfit clothes to lounge around in and also I’m going to show you my travel outfit for the return trip.

1- The First Easier Way To Pack A Carry-On Bag Is To Lay Out Your Outfits

That I wore a cardigan sweater with as well as packing my fleece and the next step is to have a dog named ollie help you pack all of your essentials I can wear the patterned nice shirt with the white shorts as well as with my denim capris that I wore in the airport I could also wear that sleeveless black shirt with those jeans.

If necessary a second easier way to pack a carry-on is to use the space between the bars of the suitcase handle when they’re pushed down into your carry-on bag a travel hack is to use an old amazon bag and then pack your shoes in there as a shoe bag to protect your other travel essentials from getting dirty then you can see.

An Outside Pocket

That I also packed my pool bag it can get wet but I use it to carry all of my pool or beachside essentials like a real book my reading glasses a key card credit card my yeti sometimes if I want to use that to have my fruity drink in to keep it colder longer I used to use a pouch but the phones got bigger and bigger and then I wanted to take more things down to the beach.

I found these newer bags which also have an outside pocket and a pocket if you do need to put something wet like a wet swimsuit in there for a little bit now see how I packed two shirts to go along with each pair of shorts I’m going to show you more outfits in a bit you can pack using the rolling method or fold your clothes like I do I folded the shirts and the shorts and notice. You Can Also Read How To Manage Line Mistakes On Airport Travelling Tips 2022.

How I packed the tunic since it’s a seven-hour flight back home from Hawaii as a pilot wife flying standby we cannot wear leggings as pants so that tunic has to be long enough so I’ve got that packed in there and then I’m going to make the leggings fold again at the end so that I can make my stack be even across the top when I fold my clothes.

Pack Items Perfectly

I don’t want it to be lopsided or have big lumps in it then I start folding the outfits together with the turquoise and the royal blue t-shirt can be worn with the white shorts if you do not wear shorts anymore then use my idea of white shorts and pack white denim capris a white skort with a small neutral pattern in it that still makes it look white.

I knew this beach trip was going to be a lot of casual walking around walking at night hiking maybe at my level so I wanted to have a lot of activewear shorts I have two shorts two shirts and then this green shirt is long enough to wear with leggings if I want to go out one morning somewhere with leggings on I’m going to show you the and packing them in a regular packing cube.

I used regular packing cubes for years and they did just fine if you don’t need the extra space in your carry-on suitcase then you don’t need compression cubes but I chose this six-piece set because I got two large cubes in it and it saves me a lot it opens up a lot of space in my suitcase I also split up the bottom pieces because the bulkier items tend to be shorts joggers or capris.

Pack In My Carry-On Suitcase

That I’m going to pack in my carry-on suitcase and they hog up all the space now I am going to be comparing my soft-sided suitcase to hard shelled suitcases for carry-on I do not love the hard shell yet but I do like that there are two sides to pack clothes in after packing two large cubes in one side of my suitcase you can see that.

I have a little bit of space still at the end and we’re going to fill that up with another easy way to pack the next step is to pack those pouches and other travel essentials in the empty pockets of space a travel hat for packing makeup is to divide your makeup case into smaller pouches because they can squish and smush another travel hack is if you are writing out a packing list.

Tips On The TSA Rules For Liquids

You may want to make one section be just for liquids it helps you decide which things you don’t need to put in your pouches and keep track mentally of that time of day I’m going to use liquids or those products if you do need tips on the TSA rules for liquids.

I am packing my toiletry hanging bag because I am going to be there for four or five days and go straight to phoenix for a family reunion they make this in aqua now but I have the grey ones so I don’t need the aqua but it comes in a three-piece set of toiletry item essential pouches I love them I think I may be the tripped brands number one fan another easy way to pack in a carry-on suitcase is to pack underneath.

Those packing cubes or underneath the clothes that you’re going to pack if you don’t use the cubes see how I have my curling iron on one side and then I can also snuggle kind of squish and smush those pouches under the corners where they might come up from the compression or along with the corners of your carry-on suitcase a TSA question I get asked a lot is are curling irons and curling wands allowed in your carry-on suitcase.

Easy Way To Pack Is To Use Your Bags Organization

They are you can pack them anywhere you want I do not protect the curling iron barrel from heat but you can buy those little quilted ones that I have now another easy way to pack is to use your bags organization that it already provides for you look at those pockets and see how can you fit something in that you normally wouldn’t pack there.

What can you pack in this flat pocket right here in my new suitcase I pack my roll-up slippers that are supposed to be in this shape taking up that much space I unroll them so that I can pack them flat in this pocket and know for all of you people who worry about germs and dirt I am not using a bag for my shoes in that section or my tinny shoes later on but.

It’s I have tasted and touched enough dirt in my life that I have a great immune system and I’m not afraid to touch germs sometimes and so I also put my other flat sandals another travel hack is to pack only a little bit of your shampoo in the travel size containers the reason it’s a hack is so that on the last day of your wonderful vacation again.

Easier Packing Tip Is To Pack Your Super Thick Liquids Like Conditioner

You can rinse it out and throw it in your suitcase or your item bag and not have to pack it in that liquids bag an easier packing tip is to pack your super thick liquids like conditioner or a super thick gold bond diabetic lotion in smaller containers because then you’ll have more space in that quart size liquid bag my newest travel hack is for packing jewellery.

Now that I’m wearing jewellery again in airports and on aeroplanes and throughout my vacation, I got this minimalist jewellery organizer and I do like the little stiff pouch at the end of this roll-up jewellery organizer because it does protect the more fragile larger earrings that I would wear on vacation and then I do not have to roll it up and keep it in this shape taking up space in my suitcase.

There Is No Room For My Cardigan

I can unroll it if I really need the space and pack it somewhat flat now there are three important travel tips I want to share with you regarding how I pack in my item bag I have many videos on that but I want to share three major travel tips that may help you find it easier to pack the number one travel tip is that.

I pack as many travel essentials in my item bag as i can i will put them in pouches i will pack them in my new seat back pocket organizer it is for the seat back in the airplane it packs flat so I can easily slide that in with my journal and other things that are flat in that personal item bag and number two travel tip is if there is no room for my cardigan.

That I wear in the aeroplane for my airport outfit in case it’s cold or if I want to save it also for sitting on the back deck or taking an evening walk while I’m on vacation I will drape it over that personal item bag going through the airport getting on the aeroplane even or I can tie it around my waist remember my travel tip do not pack a vest.

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