How To Manage Line Mistakes On Airport Travelling Tips 2022

How To Manage Line Mistakes On Airport Travelling Tips 2022

Introduction Of How To Manage Line Mistakes On Airport Travelling Tips 2022

How To Manage Line Mistakes On Airport Travelling Tips 2022. Over 2 million passengers went through the TSA checkpoints in one day did they make mistakes yes the first mistake is not having your id and your ticket barcode ready for the TSA officer a travel tip is to arrive at the airport with your identification and your tickets barcode in your back pocket or an easily accessible place another.

1- Not Having Your ID

Travel tip is that not all airports do the same thing you may not even have to give them your identification that day in that airport so when I am in line about three to five people back in the security line I watch to see what the officers want the passengers to do with their identification that day remember that you will make mistakes my travel tips are going to help you make fewer mistakes.

2- Keep On Their Belts

Because you’re confident about the rules and you are relaxed when you’re getting screened another mistake that I have seen is that people keep on their belts even in the pre-check security line for some reason over the last year they want every passenger to take off their belt a travel tip is to not even arrive at the airport with your belt on just pack it in that outer pocket of your hard shell suitcase or your carry-on bags and then.

3- Packing Your Liquids

When once you get through airport security then you can put on your belt for the remainder of your trip the third mistake is packing your liquids back at the bottom of that personal item bag which means if you are having to search for your liquids bag in the line you are going to be the one who slows down the other people who are ready for airport security.You Can Also Read New International Travelling Tips And Tricks You Should Must Know In 2022.

When they walk up there after security you can pack it in the bottom of your item bag or move it to your carry-on suitcase also do not keep your cell phone in your pocket it needs to be stowed in one of your carry-on bags for screening another mistake I saw just yesterday in the pre-check line the TSA officers made even the pre-check people take off their jacket for some reason.

4- The Pre-Check Line

We do not know the security threat or the reason they’re making us do that day we’re just going to smile and do what they say or do what we see them telling people to do that leads us to the sixth mistake in the TSA line and that is to not listen to the officers while you’re standing in line getting ready the TSA officers may change the rules from hour to an hour for some reason you’re going to be observant.

5- Sixth Mistake In The TSA Line

You’re watching and you’re listening but do not talk to the officers a lot that is going to slow down the line because you’re talking and not doing they are protecting people so they are on high alert they do not have time to talk to you but if you have a question feel free to ask them also do not be offended easily by them if they’re in a bad mood or by another passenger taking a long time.

Because but remember it is your vacation do not let someone else’s bad attitude determine your vacation mode before you get to the officers be sure to untie or loosen your shoes one travel tip is to wear slip-on shoes or untie your shoes before you leave your house down to the second hole so.

6- Passengers Do Is Not Getting Organized

That your laces are now super loose and now your sneaker has become a slip-on shoe just for security as a pilot wife travelling for over 20 years I have made these same mistakes several times avid travellers will make these mistakes as well so have grace for yourself if you follow my number one travel tip by arriving at the airport two hours before boarding time, not departure time it will help you not feel like you’re in a hurry.

When we are in a hurry is when we forget those carry-on essentials and another mistake I have seen passengers do is not getting organized once they are through airport security they’re holding their id or their ticket with their open purse or their open personal item bag to their gate or ordering their coffee just take your time at that bench or one of the spaces after airport security pack.

Those carry-on essentials where you want them for the aeroplane flight here are three things to organize right after airport security number one stow your id and phone in a secure location so it doesn’t fall out or slip out number two pack your liquids bag at the bottom of your bag or inside your carry-on suitcase and then number three repack your electronics at a location.

7- You Can Avoid Is To Not Pack A Prohibited Item

You can easily access mid-flight an easy mistake you can avoid is to not pack a prohibited item but the site has a section in the top right corner that you can click on that says what can I bring for instance you cannot bring an ice pack that is not frozen solid but if you scroll to the medical conditions part of their website you will see that.

If you need an ice pack for medicines to keep something cold during the flight you are allowed to bring a partial ice pack or a frozen one in your bags but my tips are going to help you as well here is my favourite TSA tip that they have gotten so much better and more passenger friendly especially if you have anxiety PTSD autism.

If you have a mobility issue or any kind of disability including dementia or Alzheimer’s like my dad had they have a program called TSA cares for you if you fill out the paperwork about five days just to be safe ahead of your flight you will have an officer and an entire security lane just for you and your family if they have the staffing that day.

8- Can Be Placed Anywhere In Your Carry-On Bags

When I interview the officer and an another high-up TSA officer, not an officer but an employee for the state of texas many passengers make the mistake of pulling out all of their dry pills and all of their liquid medicines for the TSA officers but that’s not necessarily the case that day I would mention to the officer hey I’ve got insulin and some other medicines do you need to see them today and they’ll say no but a travel tip is to have your liquid medicines in like a trash bag or a gallon bag and have those ready to go just in case they need to see them then.

When you get through airport security pack them where you need them to be for the trip another travel tip is that dry medicines do not need to be seen by the TSA officers they can be packed in any container and they can be placed anywhere in your carry-on bags a mistake I see in regular airport security, not the pre-check lawn is people have kleenexes or their car keys in their pockets.

You are not allowed to have any item inside your pockets going through regular airport security no keys no driver’s license no ticket and no tissues some passengers get angry when their items need to be screened additionally my tip is to just go with the flow after 20 years I will pack my coffee in the grey bin for additional screening not inside my carry-on bag and it still has to be pulled out and squished and smushed.

Some things block something we don’t know since we have gotten to the airport two hours before boarding time not departure time we’re not going to be in a hurry thinking we’re not going to make our flight many of you get frustrated and overwhelmed with all of the rules of the TSA line but I’m going to help you with their jingle and I’m going to give you my simple routine going through.

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