How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Mexico City

How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Mexico City

Introduction Of How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Mexico City

How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Mexico City. How much a visit to this place costs what would be the unmissable places to consider I will explain them and I begin by telling you that this guide is based on the days, which is what I recommend you at least dedicate to this city because the truth is that less time you will not be able to see almost anything.

The South Of Mexico City

If we consider the size of this way on day 1 I would recommend it focus on the city centre and the Chapultepec area in the afternoon on the second day. I would recommend that you take a route that goes a little to the south of Mexico City and that allows you to integrate attractions such as the Frida Kahlo museum why not even get to Xochimilco.

While on the third day you would have to focus on the obligatory getaway from Mexico city that it rained teotihuacán and that it was also p It can be combined very well along the route that leads to the Basilica of Guadalupe and it is also logical to contract in this way, although tight, at least they would have the basics of the city at this time, said this, it is time to start with the expenses and start with the accommodation that.

The First Trip To Mexico City

We already know that we are going to need three nights and in this case, for this exercise, I am going to take as an example the city centre hotel, which is located right in the centre of Mexico City and was where I stayed on my last tour of the city. Mexico City and I liked it a lot I think it has a very good publication but the first trip to Mexico City where you want to be in the centre near some of the most important attractions and well that’s.

Why I put them as a recommendation this one has a cost close to 2,200 Mexican pesos per night, although they depend on the fact that it will vary greatly depending on the season in which they visit, well, we will take this example for this case and in this way, for the three nights we would be spending 6 thousand 700 Mexican pesos or 335 US dollars, however.

The Celina City Of Mexico

We consider that this is for two people and that it already has breakfast included so we can eliminate those expenses if you want to save money on your accommodation I have one more alternative and this is the Celina city of Mexico here we are going to find shared and private rooms as well as a semi-private one where only the bathroom is shared but you can say them getting with about 720 Mexican pesos that is less than 40 US dollars.

If you prefer shared rooms here you will pay about 250 Mexican pesos, that is, 12 US dollars and the best thing is that with my world cost discount code you will pay 10% less and by the way, this discount applies to any Celina in the Mexican Republic and Mexico City has that characteristic of that we are going to find prices for all budgets is e So it is possible to eat in the street for 25 Mexican pesos. You Can Also Read The Most Popular Vacation Outfits For A Cruise In 2022.

That is, less than 2 US dollars, or else go to luxury restaurants where the menus are going to be over a thousand Mexican pesos or 50 US dollars, here I think we are going to leave to a medium term I would say that if someone comes with a tight budget but suddenly wants to eat well, they would have the alternative of the famous meals.

Find For 60 Mexican Pesos Or 3 US dollars

That you will easily find for 60 Mexican pesos or 3 US dollars and they already include a dish main a starter and even dessert so well that option can be good for those who have a slightly looser budget and who already want to enjoy restaurants in areas that are a little more touristy or a little more expensive I would tell them that if they were already there setting aside between 300 and 600 Mexican pesos depending on the type of consumption they want to do, however here we are going to go to a point I Intermediate.

I think that with 300 pesos a day in the city you can end up eating well and even having some budget for a snack and of course,e there is still to add to our budget in the attractions and there really is a lot to do in the city of Mexico and its surroundings but since our time is limited well I am going to concentrate on the most important and the most basic in this way that.

The entrance Fee For Foreigners Is 12.5 US Dollars

I would tell you that since you are visiting the city that has the most museums in the world you cannot miss some that are important and I am going to start right in the one that is in the area that I am in, which is the south of Mexico City, specifically, this is the centre of Coyoacán and a few blocks away we are going to have the famous blue house of Frida Kahlo, this is It has become one of the unavoidable museums when visiting Mexico City and the entrance fee for foreigners is 250 Mexican pesos, that is, 12.5 US dollars.

While nationals will only have to pay 110 Mexican pesos, the other two museums that I think should not be missed on a visit are in the Chapultepec forest area and one, of course, is the national history museum, better known as the castle. from Chapultepec, this place is one of the most visited by national and international travellers and well here the entrance fee is 80 Mexican pesos.

While the other museum that I would tell you to write down on your list is the national museum of anthropology here The cost will also be 80 Mexican pesos, that is, 4 US dollars, and you must consider that if the famous free Sundays have been maintained for a long time, at least for national tourism, but with the current times that we live in.

The State Of Mexico And Taking A Tour Of Approximately

Where the capacity is limited in many cases has been eliminated so always before going to these places check the opening days and hours and I would recommend that they do it directly on the social networks of these websites because suddenly if they do it on google or some similar system they end up not updating this information and suddenly visitors arrive on the days they are closed now from the beginning.

I anticipated that there was another day that I would recommend you to visit Teotihuacán, which although it is not officially in Mexico City, it is quite close, being in the state of Mexico and taking a tour of approximately one hour and one of the best ways to do this visit is when it is also complemented with the basilica of guadalupe aGuadalupehe tlatelolco Tlatelolcoe in this way you can see three places located to the north of the city in a single day you can find this tour for about 38 US dollars that is less than 800 Mexican pesos is perhaps not the cheapest but it is a very simple way to get to know this area of the city that Suddenly, for foreigners or people who are not from here, it can be complicated.

The Turibús Of Mexico City

Finally, among attractions, for man, the Turibús of Mexico City has also become a basis, which helps them save money by getting into the public transport of the city, which can be chaotic and good in a simpler way to be visiting important points in this way that these buses can get us from 160 Mexican pesos thatares to say 8 US dollars but depending on the number of days that.

They contract well the price is going to vary and the turibús can be an excellent way to move around the city but well if you want to know the costs of public transport here on the screen you can see the current ones too,o of course,e the alternative of using taxis by application such as uber or diddy is an alternative in the city of Mexico and also in the city.

We will find taxi sites from which we can Sea our transport or request what they ask for in our accommodations a most important expense to consider has to do with moving between the airport if you arrive by this means or the bus stations and your accommodation but in this case, we consider that You will arrive through the airport and if you stay in the downtown area, which is what I recommended, well here the cost will be approximately 100 Mexican.

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