France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022

France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022

Introduction Of France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022

France And Spain Reopen To Tourism In 2022. That many were already waiting for the reopening of two very touristy countries in Europe that are Spain and France and they told you from the introduction that if they already have a reopening date and it is the following week, it is in this way that.

The Reopening Of Spain That Was Announced

I will start with all the characteristics of the reopening of Spain that was announced a few days ago by its president Pedro sánchez who said that Spain would receive travellers from third countries as long as they verified that they had been vaccinated, however all the details of what would happen to unvaccinated minors.

Who still cannot be vaccinated or with other types of cases and there would be a restricted country and well that began to make one doubt that the news was going to be a reality also the embassies lacked these details so it seemed that in the end it was not going to happen but It was already today when we were able to see this clarification in the official state bulletin and that is that.

We found the changes in the ministry of interior- and well, according to the order you are seeing on the screen, it says that the criteria for the application of a temporary restriction on non-essential travel from third countries to the European Union and associated Schengen countries are modified for reasons of public order and public health Due to the health crisis that.

Who Had Essential Trips To Countries Like Spain

We already know, this means that well, we already knew that people who had essential trips to countries like Spain could continue travelling, however, not for tourists, and with this modification, we see that now everything is going to change. so that if we go into detail we can see that we have a new subparagraph that is the k in which it says that the entry is already beginning to be authorized for people with a vaccination certificate.

That the Ministry of Health recognizes for this purpose after verification of the health authorities as well as the minors accompanying those that the Ministry of Health extends the effects of this it means that vaccinated people and with a certificate that will be accepted can travel and also with minors because this worries many travellers about what would happen to children. You Can Also Read Requirements To Travel To The United States.

Who could not yet receive vaccines and as you can see here they could be companions We still have some doubts and we know that in principle Spain is going to accept all the vaccines from the WHO but well here it does not detail the list as such and this is the reason why I told you that even though on June 7 it could do the official reopening it is important that.

The Confirmation And That It Reaches The Embassies

They will not go ahead and buy tickets or anything like that until they have all the details and know that the traveller will effectively comply with the requirements that the country imposes and that we know are not universal, each country has, for example, its list of accepted vaccines and although many are basing themselves on this.

WHO guide and of, it is better not to get ahead of it too, the who still has them approved for emergency use, so with these vaccines that many people have received, they still would not be able to travel, but at least we have good news so far, and that is that it will happen this reopening in June and all that remains is to wait and now the.

The whole list of small details and above all to have the confirmation and that it reaches the embassies with the new travel requirements so I would tell them to be a little patient and of course that on my website ducós dot com and here I am going to be giving you all the important updates but above all, on my website that is written there I can add any details.

Travel Characteristic Vaccines

That comes out about travel characteristic vaccines and well that is very important and that yes we no longer know is that you have to have received the doses of the vaccine the last one that corresponds at least 14 days before your trip that is to say not the day On day 14 from your trip you have to be vaccinated but at least you have already been fully vaccinated for two weeks and we know that the fully varies depending on.

Whether you receive one dose or two but the important thing is to have completed that vaccination schedule two weeks before if you were vaccinated two months ago you were covered three months ago you were covered that is to say you don’t have to be vaccinated 15 days before because many have been asking me how they should do so.

That they are vaccinated on the exact day and it’s not like the PCR or antigens that yes you have to do it on a specific day here only if you meet the requirement of having done it two weeks before and now let’s continue with the case of France, another long-awaited and reopened country, but this will be through phases and the date is July 9 what he has done here is that the countries are divided into three colours, it is in this way that the green ones will be among which we would find, for example, all those who already.

European Union and countries such as Singapore,

They belong to the European Union and countries such as Singapore, Israel, Thailand, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand are also considered relatively safe, and well, those who come from these countries would already have a much easier entry because if they are vaccinated again with vaccines accepted by France, they will no longer they will not need to present PCR or undergo quarantine.

So it is very good news for those who come from those countries however if you do not want to be vaccinated you can still enter as long as you come from these and in this case you only have to present your psr so those travelers would have the two alternatives of the travelers on the yellow list, well, things will begin to change for them because they will be able to enter.

But here it will be necessary to have been vaccinated and the pcr, that is, here I no longer choose which of the two requirements I need to present both which If your country is on this list but the vaccine has not yet arrived, you will not be able to You were going to travel to France and well, here we are going to find the greatest number of countries, however many from South America.

I must tell you that they are not on this list and well, they are not on the green one either, so there they are going to send them to the red and the tourist trips not yet at the moment but continuing with the orange.

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