Can I Travel With Food? - Foods Allowed For Trips

Can I Travel With Food? – Foods Allowed For Trips

Introduction Of Can I Travel With Food? – Foods Allowed For Trips

Can I Travel With Food? – Foods Allowed For Trips. I will begin by telling you that it is possible to travel by plane with different foods, however not with everything, so we are going to see little by little what happens and what does not and I will start with domestic flights which is where we can find greater freedom to transport food and well I think the first big question has to do with whether.

Sauces Or Similar Moles In My Luggage

I can carry liquids such as sauces or similar moles in my luggage and well here I would say yes but that you have to follow the famous rule of 100 millilitres and is that for those who do not know if it is allowed to travel with liquids in hand luggage when flying, however, these must be in containers less than 100 millilitres and in total.

They do not add up to more than one litre, it is in this way that if you suddenly want to travel with a small saucer, you could as long as the packaging is less than 100 millilitres, in case this amount is exceeded, it would be time to send it to the hold of the plane, therefore, if I were to travel, for example, with this tiny sauce that.

We can see here that it is only 3.7 millilitres, it would pass without a problem for our hand luggage. Now, in the case of moles and the like, there is a lot of ignorance because there are those who feel that it is quite solid and that with that it would pass as something 100% solid but I must not tell you that this would also be considered as a liquid for which they can only pass a very small amount and rather.

Travel With Products Like Mole It

When they want to travel with products like mole it would be necessary send it to the hold of the plane now I continue with other liquids but specifically drinks and again it is the same rule for men’s drinks Ores of 100 millilitres could pass in hand luggage while those that exceed this amount have to go in the hold of the plane and well obviously.

It would be very complicated if not to say impossible to find soft drinks and other drinks that are less than 100 millilitres however for example In the case of alcoholic beverages like these and it is common, look at this container, it is 50 ml and well in this case it could pass in hand luggage for the amount and up to 100 milliliters, it does not matter if it is an alcoholic beverage.

Travel With Perishable Food

If it is accepted For larger quantities, it is time to send it to the hold of the plane. Now comes the question of whether I can travel with perishable food, that is, these that can easily start to spoil due to temperature or time issues, and my recommendation would be no, and that is that in the hold of the plane the airlines are going to ask you not to put anything of this type and that is that.

We consider that there may be health problems and that even if your suitcase is lost, it could be a real disaster, so it is very common that when you hand in your checked baggage, they ask you if you did not pack an improper item or if you packed perishable food because they cannot go, and this It applies to most airlines, so you could say, well, I can travel with these in my hand luggage, and here the issue is complicated. You Can Also Read Reopening Dates In Europe For Travel Covid Is Over Now.

If it’s something 100% solid, like a sandwich, you shouldn’t have any problems. However, when it comes to stews can enter the topic such as mole where because the texture is not very clear if it is solid or liquid well they consider it to be liquid and then they throw it at you therefore this type of food would not be recommended many believe that with freezing.

Why Any Food You Want Could End Up In The Garbage

The product could already pass because it is solid but good in terms of security, they will consider that it will begin to thaw during the journey and that is why this will not be accepted either ed and it would be considered liquid so you already know if you doubt whether your food can go through or not, it is better that you do not do it since in many cases.

The criteria of the security personnel will enter and that is why any food you want could end up in the garbage and that is why it is better to go not only with things that are 100% solid, in fact, for example, cookies, bags of chips and the like, where there is no doubt that they are solid, they will not have any problem passing them through the security area, another doubt has to do with.

They can travel with spices like these famous chillies and other kinds of powders, such as coffee or some spices, and here the answer is that it depends on the quantity, normally the limit is 350 grams, although it can vary by 12 ounces, which would be 340 grams. So, well, rather, in order not to fail in the rule.

Domestic Trips And You Can Travel With Any Food?

I would tell them not to carry anything with packages greater than 300 grams in this format, and it is that if you apply similar to the rule of liquids that They can go with you in hand luggage, but as long as it is less than this amount, it can also travel with you, but you have to go to the hold of the plane, so how do you see it for domestic trips and you can travel with any food?

That it be totally solid and in the case of liquids and powders you only have to see in which of the suitcases it fits and I repeat that it is not food that easily spoils and above all this in the case of the suitcase now here are some exceptions if you buy something passing the security area of the airport, that is, you are ready in the passenger area where you find various types of stores.

You could buy these kinds of items that are liquid or that the consistency is not t tally solid and you could upload it to the warehouse of the plane and it is because these foods have already undergone a review so there would be no problem consuming them inside the plane, well that is another matter because It depends on the criteria of each airline.

You Can Also Travel With Food To Other Countries

But well, transport it and perhaps take it to a friend or someone who wants them to know about this product, well, that could be done, at least on domestic flights, but now we go with all the rules that have to do with the international flights but I start by telling you that you can also travel with food to other countries but.

That here the rules are going to be a little more complicated and strict and above all, I say complicated because they are going to vary a lot from country to country since here We cannot find a unified criterion and well, let’s start by saying that practically all countries prohibit travelling with agricultural products, it is in this way that.

We could not transport land, plants, fruits or the like and this has any international flight, to this we could also add the animal products including meats hams dairy products are not allowed and grains would not be dry cereals like rice beans corn I already told you fresh fruits and vegetables and not raw fish but here we go with the exceptions because there are some products that although at first, it seems that.

Non-Perishable And Packaged Foods

They are prohibited in certain ways and with certain producers they could arrive to pass and this is the case of the hams, sausages and cheeses that are not produced in an artisanal way, that is to say, if they come from a factory and were packed in a high vacuum, if they may allow us to enter it, in fact I give you my example that I in some occasion that I have brought Serrano ham from Spain to Mexico.

I have had random reviews and when they have seen how it is packaged they simply check who the producer is they dry it on a list and on that they authorize its entry I think this is a good example from Mexico because in fact most countries have similar rules so if I can enter another country b Well, here, for example, non-perishable and packaged foods would come in, such as cookies or bags of chips.

They ask me a lot if they can take bags of packaged chips as souvenirs, considering that they tend to be very different flavours in each country and if while it is closed I have never I had a problem and it is also found as a permitted article. I have even been touched by the inspections and the security agent has seen it and they have not told me that there is any problem in bringing it into another country.

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